Academic Editing Package Purchase Terms and Conditions

When you purchase our services, you, “the Customer,” are signing a contract with us:

2M Editing, VAT registration number IT03952660920. Fiscal address: 2, Via M. L. King, 09037 San Gavino Monreale (SU), ITALY. Phone: +39 3476702304, e-mail:

hereinafter referred to as “the Editor”

Object of the contract

What is described in this contract represents the general conditions and the description of the services offered by the Editor to the Customer in compliance with the laws in force.

  1. This contract covers the editing services purchased by the Customer and specified in the Order Summary.
  2. After completing the order, the Customer is provided with a web address that will allow him/her to upload the documents to be edited by the Editor according to the purchased service. The timely delivery of the finished work is subject to the receipt of all the material requested by the Editor from the Customer, and the delivery deadlines (2-10 business days depending on the length of the manuscript and the type of service) are intended as from the moment when the Customer has provided the materials.
  3. The Editor must receive the documents covered by the services within a maximum period of 15 days from the purchase of the service. If, at the expiration of the fifteenth day, the Customer has not provided the materials, with no communications in this regard by e-mail or telephone, the Editor reserves the right to consider that the Customer has renounced the request for the services covered by this contract, which will be therefore considered invalid. The Editor has the right to compensation for damage (Article 1453 of the Civil Code), established at 50% of the estimated total value and already paid by the Customer, which will therefore be withheld by the Editor.

Any changes and/or interventions of any kind, during or after the supply of the service, not included in the contract, will be quoted according to the prices in use by the Editor at the time of the request.

Services covered by this contract

The following services can be provided depending on the package of your choice.

STANDARD PROOFREADING. A document is checked to correct mistakes in language, grammar, and punctuation. Clarity and readability are improved. The final document will be written in correct English language.

PREMIUM PROOFREADING. A document is checked to correct mistakes in language, grammar, and punctuation. Clarity and readability are improved. The final document will be written in correct English language. In addition, a critical review of the text is provided, with suggestions to improve its style and impact. Instructive comments are added to explain the edits and provide tips to improve one’s writing skills.

FORMATTING. According to the target journal intended by the Customer for publication, the appropriate style is applied. If a template is available at the publisher’s website, it will be used to apply the appropriate style. This includes use of appropriate font type and size for different sections of a manuscript (e.g., title, abstract, main text, headings…), placing figures and captions, setting margins, inserting page numbers, notes, table of contents, bibliographic references, etc., as required by the target journal’s guidelines. If no particular style requirements are specified for the target journal at the subsmission step, or if the Customer does not require this service, the Editor will ensure that the Customer’s main style is applied in a homogeneous way throughout the manuscript.

COVER LETTER PREPARATION. By considering the target journal requirements and the manuscript’s contents, the Editor will write a cover letter addressing the journal’s editor-in-chief (or whomever indicated in the guidelines) to accompany submission to the journal. This does not include inserting specific details such as the Customer’s contact details or the names of suggested referees.

Confidentiality and rights

  1. The documents covered by this contract are the property of the Customer valid in all respects. The Customer authorizes the Editor to view the entire content of the documents for the only purpose of providing the services covered by this contract. The Editor does not acquire any intellectual property on the Customer’s documents following the supply of the services.
  2. The Editor undertakes to maintain absolute confidentiality regarding the contents of the documents provided by the Customer. The documents will not be transmitted to third parties, disclosed, discussed, or made public in any way.
  3. Documents will be stored on a password-protected server, to which only and exclusively the Editor has access.
  4. The documents provided by the Customer will be stored in the Editor’s server for the time necessary to complete the work and to allow the Customer to download the finalized documents (60 days from the time when a confirmation e-mail is sent by the Editor with the necessary information for the Customer to collect the completed work). At the end of this period, the documents will be permanently deleted from the server.

Personal data processing

The personal data requested and collected during communications between the parties, in compliance with the Privacy Law n. 675 of 1996 and of Legislative Decree n. 196 of 2003 “Code regarding the protection of personal data”:

  1. are collected and processed electronically and / or mechanically for the purpose of activating and maintaining the procedures for the execution of the requested services for the Customer, as well as maintaining a private customer archive;
  2. are mandatory for the supply of the requested services in the best possible way and in fulfilment of Italian fiscal laws;
  3. if not provided, may prevent the Editor from supplying the requested services;
  4. may be processed by the Editor in charge of the performance of the requested services;
  5. may be communicated to third parties delegated by the Editor to carry out activities necessary only for the execution of the stipulated contract, but in no other case transferred, sold, or bartered.

The Customer has the right, at any time, to request the modification or cancellation of his/her stored personal data as described above by sending such request to

Express termination clause

a. This contract can be considered terminated by law, pursuant to art. 1456 of the Civil Code, authorizing the Editor to terminate the relationship without notice, if the Customer fails to pay the stipulated amount.

b. Should the Editor fail to deliver the work according to the agreed deadline without communicating an adequate explanation to the Customer, the latter has the right to terminate the contract and be refunded the advance paid.


For any dispute not resolved amicably, the Law Court of Cagliari (Italy) will be exclusively competent on the matter.

The Customer enjoys all rights under the aforementioned Laws and Legislative Decree, and the regulations in force at the time of signature. Pursuant to and for the purposes of Articles 1341 and 1342 of the Italian Civil Code, by accepting this contract, you declare to have been informed of each part of it, aware of your rights, and to accept of all terms.