Research papers/Journal articles

Publishing a scientific paper is a time- and energy consuming deed in itself. While only you can carry out the experimental work and data analysis, we can take care of what comes next. We will ensure that your paper is written in correct English and formatted according to the requirements of your target journal. We offer support throughout the publication journey: proofreading, formatting, preparation of schemes and figures, creation of a cover letter… and you will be able to go back to doing what you love: science. Contact us now for info or request a quotation.

PhD thesis, undergraduate thesis, reports

The time spent writing a thesis is certainly one of the most stressful in the life of any student. Fear not, we are here to help! We will ensure that your manuscript is error-free by checking the language, grammar, and structure. We can take care of the layout in both Word and Latex. We can help you manage your references, chapters, sections, and table of contents, as well as create captivating figures to make your thesis as clear and professional as can be! Together, we can make your manuscript flawless and ready to be submitted to your advisor. Contact us now for info or request a quotation.

Research proposals/Funding applications

Securing funding is paramount in the pursuit of a scientist’s goals. Ensure that your proposal is written in correct language, error-free and clear: avoid possible rejection even before its scientific value is evident to the evaluation committee. Let us take care of the figures so that your document is impactful and captivating. We can help verify that you meet all the requirements specified by the call and that your project is solid and convincing. Contact us now for info or request a quotation.

Books and book chapters

We can edit books and book chapters, be it a scientific text or your latest novel. You keep riding that creative wave, we will take care of the rest! Choose your required level of proofreading, and you will be able to decide whether you foresee multiple editing rounds to reach the final form of your manuscript. We can also take care of layout and figures and help you obtain exactly the book you wanted. Contact us now for info or request a quotation.

Curriculum vitae and cover letters

Nothing requires perfection like applying for that job you’ve always wanted. Ensuring that your writing is flawless can make the difference between your CV/resume ending up on the interviewer’s desk or in the trash can. You will need a captivating CV to make a lasting impression, along with a convincing cover letter that will show exactly why you are the right person for that job. We can help you in writing and formatting your CV and cover letter, and we will coach you on how to avoid the most common pitfalls. Contact us now for info or request a quotation.

Presentations, posters, infographics

Are you presenting your research at an international conference, perhaps in front of the most important scientists in your field? Were you asked to give a short presentation of your early career and studies during a job interview? You surely want those slides to be error-free! We will make sure everything is perfect, even the layout. This service also applies to posters and infographics. Contact us now for info or request a quotation.

Personal documents

You can ask us to edit any type of document not mentioned in the previous categories, even a love letter! Contact us now for info or request a quotation.