By formatting a document, we apply a homogeneous style to the entire text. This may include, for example:

  • font type (Times New Roman, Arial…)
  • font size
  • spacing between lines
  • alignment (left, right, centered, justified…)
  • use of bold for titles
  • use of italic sub-titles…

At this time, we also set the document layout: figures and captions are positioned, margins are set, page numbers are inserted along with notes, a table of contents, bibliographic references… The aim is to obtain a professional-looking, clear, and elegant document.

Here is an example of how a pretty simple-looking manuscript is formatted into a professional scientific article:

Formatting is included in the editing price for documents shorter than 2000 words (exluding CVs).

For longer manuscripts and CVs, prices may vary depending on the complexity of the required formatting and document type (Word or LaTex).