Proofreading your document means ensuring that it is written in correct English and there are no typographical mistakes.

We offer two options:

We will check the grammar, punctuation, structure, and flow of your text. Below is an example of a text corrected according to these parameters:

Includes a critical review of the text with our suggestions to improve its style, clarity, and impact. We will provide comments explaining our edits and tips to improve your writing skills.

In addition, if you foresee more than one round of editing to reach the final form of your document, we can offer some affordable options.

For example, one revision after the first correction will cost you only an additional 20% of the first round! Whereas if you were to resubmit the manuscript to us, it would be considered as a new one and you’d end up paying double.

You also have the option to buy infinite revisions within a year of your first submission at an additional 50% of the first round!